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The wind powered aerator was designed to be a stand alone product for pond and lake aeration. Anchored in a lake, it draws water through a 12" tube from the lake bottom and discharges it just below the surface. This continuing process results in raising water low in dissolved oxygen to the surface to be naturally oxygenated by wind and wave action. It also keeps an area open during winter months.

 (Detailed description of stratification and aeration by the Illinois EPA. These pages are an excellent explanation of these two areas.)


The aerator has three floats that position the discharge tube just below the water surface. These are aluminum cases filled with flotation foam.
    The actual windmill is a Savonious two stage rotor optimized for maximum efficiency. It is directly coupled to a 12" stainless steel impeller turning in a 24" long tube. This tube connects to a 12" flexible rubber hose which can be any length. A anchor connector at the bottom of this hose allows the aerator to be positioned at a specific location. The anchor itself can be as simple as a couple of concrete blocks.
    The rotor starts to turn in the slightest breeze and will turn about 100 RPM in a 10-15 MPH wind. 


We prefer pickup at the factory due to our extreme hatred of crate building and high motor freight shipping costs.
    Crating is an additional $150.00 and shipping costs depend on the customers location. The aerator rotor is completely assembled but requires assembling the three floats, impeller and housing.


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