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 MODEL 1O-24VF-  10 Diameter x 36 Height with a 1 filtering element

MODEL 24-36 High Capacity Filter- 24 Diameter x 60 Height with a 1 filtering element

MODEL 1O-24HFS- Self-contained with a submersible pump   


Red Top does more than strain out fish and large particles. The polyurethane element works as a primary filter to remove most particles which are commonly associated with pump or valve problems.

Red Top has a washable element which requires only minutes to clean and put back in service. The standard element will filter out almost all separate visible particles. If the water being filtered has dissolved mud, the discharge will not be clear, but small particles which tend to clog nozzles, valves, sprinkler heads or pumps, will be trapped in the filter element.

An extra fine element which can be added under the primary element has the ability to filter out visible dissolved particles. Our tests with this element have shown it is possible to clear dirty pond or river water with no visible cloudiness.

Many Applications

Use Red Top Floating Water Filter for:

Primary Filter for chlorinator in summer homes
Blade cooling water for sawmills
Various irrigation applications
(Golf courses,cemeteries,turf,fruit,berry and truck farms)
Air conditioning cooling towers
Beef, Poultry. Dairy and Hog farms
Solar cooling using ponds as heat exchangers


Home Filter Q & A

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