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Q:  What size particles will these units filter out?
A:  The standard element will filter out almost all separate visible particles. Small particles which tend to clog nozzles, valves, sprinkler heads or pumps will be trapped in the filter element.
If the water being filtered includes dissolved mud, the discharge will not be clear. The extra fine element which is available for use with the primary element can filter out visible dissolved particles. Product tests have shown that it is possible to clear dirty water with no visible cloudiness. However, this extra fine element will plug up much faster. It is our recommendation to use the standard element first as the filtering quality is adequate for most purposes.

Q: How often does the filter element have to be changed?
A:  The frequency of element changes is directly related to the quantity and quality of water which is  pumped through the filter. The element can be easily cleaned by removing the outer cover and washing off the accumulated matter.

Q: How long does a filter last?
A: Red Top Water Filter elements tend to last for three to five years. The filter body should never need to be replaced unless it is physically damaged. The float chamber is filled with flotation foam in order to eliminate possibility of physical damage to the float chamber which could cause the filter to sink.

Q: What are the Flow Capacities?
A:  The standard model 10-24VF is conservatively rated at a flow rate of 2500 gallons per hour. The high capacity model 24-36 is rated very conservatively at 10,000 gallons per hour. Capacities are based on a ratio of discharge pipe size to total available inlet filtering area. This 200 to 1 ratio minimizes intake water velocity in order to slow particle impact velocity on the filter element itself. If flow requirements are found to exceed filter capacity, units can be coupled or manifolded to increase demand volume.

Q: How is the Red Top Filter Installed?
A: Red Top Water Filters are simple to install. The standard filter model 10-24VF includes 20 of anchor rope and a 1-1/2 pipe coupling for connection to the discharge line. The rope requires an anchor to limit shifting due to wind forces. If the filter is installed at a lower level than the pump, a check valve is recommended to keep the pump primed if necessary.
The high capacity filter 24-36 includes a 3 coupling and anchor eyes. Other outlet sizes are available by special order. Flexible hose may be used for the initial leader line from the filter to the main pipe. This will eliminate stress on the rigid pipe due to wind shifts and water level changes.


Home Filter Brochure Filter Price List

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